How to fix Alexa there was an error registering your device issue?

Amazon Alexa is a home automation tool that comes with advanced features and capabilities. Echo dot is a voice-controlled smart system that works with an Internet connection and Alexa. This device has become the smart choice of millions of users across the world for seamless connectivity and a smart User experience. However, users often have trouble while registering their echo dot device. Sometimes, when users try to register the device, Echo Dot shows an error stating that Alexa there was an error registering your device“.  If you are also having the same problem with your Echo dot this post can help you. Here we have shared some simple instructions that can help you to troubleshoot the registration error on your Echo Alexa.

Possible reasons behind “Alexa there was an error registering your device”

  • The problem usually occurs when users try to run or execute the Echo dot setup process.
  • When a user tries to register their Eco device.
  • You may also encounter this problem if you are using a refurbished/used Echo device.
  • You may also encounter the problem while trying to reset the Echo.

How to troubleshoot “Alexa there was an error registering your device”?

  • If you have purchased the echo dot as a gift, then you need to log out of the previously registered Alexa account first for using the device and completing the registration process successfully.
  • Once you log out, reset the device.
  • Also, if you are planning to give the Echo Dot to someone else, then you must put a check on the box that states ” its a gift” in the cart.
  • You can choose the “gift” option by visiting  the account>> orders>> select product>> product detail page. In case the device has been already delivered, but you haven’t set the settings as a gift, you must register the device from your Amazon account.

Other troubleshooting steps to fix “Alexa there was an error registering your device”

  • Check and make sure that you are using the same email ID for registering your echo dot, that you have used for purchasing the device from Amazon Store.
  • You can try re-installing the Alexa app, hard reset echo device to troubleshoot the concern.
  • Check for the server down errors, if the server is down you won’t be able to complete the Alexa registration process.

So, these are some simple steps that can help you with “Alexa there was an error registering your device” troubleshooting. All the mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to follow. But, if you are still having trouble registering your Echo Dot device, you must contact the team of experts. The professional can help you to find the best possible solution to the problem and make sure that nothing compromise is your Alexa experience.

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