How to Fix Device Unresponsive Alexa?

Alexa is one of the amazing smart home devices that offer smart solutions, perfect response time, and speed recognition. But sometimes, several Alexa users complain that they are facing an issue, “device unresponsive Alexa”. If you are also facing the same issue with your Alexa device, then you are at the right place! Here, you will know the possible reasons and know the way to troubleshoot device unresponsive Alexa. So, go ahead and read all the instructions carefully to deal with the issue.

There could be several reasons for the occurrence of the problem that the device is unresponsive to Alexa. It includes WiFi issues, device malfunctioning, too many devices connected to a WiFi network, the distance between router and Alexa, and many others.

Tips for Device Unresponsive Alexa

Look at the below things that you need to do to resolve the device unresponsive Alexa issue:

  1. Check Compatibility

The first thing that you need to do when the Alexa device is being unresponsive is to check the compatibility of Alexa with the smart home hub that you are using. It will help you to determine the compatible device with which you can connect your device without any issue. Always connect your device with Alexa which is compatible with it.

  1. Check WiFi Connection

Another thing that you need to check is the WiFi connection on your device. There may be a possibility that your device is not connected to the WiFi connection or may not get the full coverage. The poor or weak internet connection can affect the performance of the Alexa device. So, it is also essential to check the speed of the WiFi connection before making it in use.

  1. Check Pairing between Alexa and your Device

Check whether your device is paired effectively with Alexa or not. The pairing is a simple process. for this, you just need to open the Alexa on your smartphone and scroll to devices. Once you are in the menu, you will find the Alexa-enabled devices. Select the device with which you want to be paired.

  1. Restart Your Device

If you are tired of all the above-mentioned steps and are not able to resolve the device unresponsive Alexa, try to restart the device. Sometimes, the restart of the device solved several problems. To restart the device, you just need to press the power button for a long-time or disconnect it from the power cord. After some time, plug it again and turn it on. It will reboot all the hardware and software components.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you in solving the device unresponsive Alexa issue effectively. If none of the above steps work for you then try to reset your device to factory default settings. It will wipe out the customized settings made by you and make your device work again.

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